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Commendation & Tribute for Hugh Oliver

Hugh Oliver

Hugh Oliver's civic engagement was exemplary.

Over the years he watched and recorded each City Council meeting. He picked up agendas and administrative reports on items that were of particular interest to him. He stayed actively engaged in important Ventura issues, speaking before Council or articulating concerns to Council Members on an individual level.

He was a civil engineer by profession. For years he collected and studied aerial maps of Ventura and the surrounding area. He followed proposed developments in the City and interpreted the maps for residents and students. Hugh was what can only be termed a "people person" and he loved to share his knowledge and research with friends and interested members of the public. He brought intelligence and civility to the public conversation regarding city and state direction and policy.

Hugh helped two local environmental non-profit groups to organize and became a Board Member and longtime treasurer of one. Hugh understood the need for citizens and cities to be good stewards of the natural environment. He was involved in many local and some statewide grassroots campaigns.

Hugh has always had a positive attitude about life, people and health. He was a devoted father and husband. His faith helped sustain him through difficult times.

Hugh was a shining example of how engaged citizens can truly make a difference, how they can help a community retain its core values while still moving ahead -- ensuring that the community and the greater region remains a wonderful place to live for future generations.

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