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Soar with SOAR to the November election!
Renew SOAR protections!
VOTE YES on Measure C and NO on Measure F!
Ventura residents VOTE YES on Measure P!

SOAR is on the November 8, 2016 ballot in all Ventura County Communities. Measure F in the county and the cities of Oxnard and Fillmore have made the ballot more confusing by offering measures that compete with SOAR and which attempt to weaken SOAR through shortening its applicable time frame or eliminating the voters' right to vote on certain conversions of farmland and open space.

Please refer to the chart below to determine how to vote to SUPPORT SOAR in each city in Ventura County.

Support SOAR

To PRESERVE your RIGHT to VOTE on important land use issues, VOTE YES on Measure C and NO on Measure F !!


After interviewing candidates who requested our endorsement, VCHP has selected the following candidates based upon their past environmental work and/or their commitment to a sustainable future for Ventura, including preservation of its farmland, open space, respect for hillside regulations articulated in our General Plan and support for community efforts to enhance and expand the Ventura River Parkway.

Keeping in mind that no candidate mirrors all of our issues exactly, the following three candidates expressed the highest degree of connection to environmental concerns and commitment to guide Ventura to a different future than that which has impaired the quality of life across Southern California over the past half century.

Cheryl Heitmann VCHP.org

CHERYL HEITMANN in her tenure on Council has recognized the importance of Ventura’s quality of life and has supported our parks, preservation of farmland and open space, and ongoing efforts to improve and expand the Ventura River Parkway. She is a consistent supporter of the Ventura Hillsides Conservancy. Cheryl has shown her leadership and outreach skills both in her capacity as Mayor and as Council member. She consistently reaches out to the community to hear residents’ thoughts & concerns. She is dedicated to keeping our beaches and waterways clean and ensuring that our local water supply is protected. She knows that environmental protection and access to the outdoors are key elements to attract the types of businesses we wish to see in Ventura to enhance our economic vitality.

For more information see the candidate's website:

VCHP urges a vote to RE-ELECT
to Ventura City Council
on November 8, 2016!


MATT LAVERE is a native Venturan who has dedicated himself to public service through volunteer commitments with the Project Understanding Board, the Ventura College Foundation Board and the Ventura Parks & Recreation Commission. He is a first-time candidate for Council. He has a deep appreciation for Ventura’s beaches, parks, open space and farmland through his personal experience of the quality of life that Ventura has to offer. He grew up here and intends to raise his family here. He is a strong supporter of the Ventura Hillsides Conservancy and the Ventura River Parkway efforts. He is also a dedicated supporter of SOAR which ensures that the voters have the opportunity to vote on any large-scale proposal to develop protected farmland, open space and Ventura's hillsides.

For more information see the candidate's website: www.voteforlavere.com.
VCHP urges a vote to ELECT
to Ventura City Council
on November 8, 2016!

Christy Weir Ventura County Hillside Preservation

CHRISTY WEIR has demonstrated her leadership and thoughtfulness on environmental causes while on Council. She is a strong proponent of the Ventura River Parkway and has a deep commitment to preservation of open space, protection of our beaches and farmland in and around Ventura. She is dedicated to preservation of our urban forest and is a member of the Ventura Hillsides Conservancy. She supports SOAR and opposes suburban sprawl because it destroys valuable farmland, a non-renewable resource. She advocates for managed growth that is planned responsibly to enhance Ventura's quality of life, protect our environment and respect our limited water supply. She envisions a better future for Ventura guided by the Ventura Vision, one that celebrates Ventura's past and keeps our city beautiful for future generations.

For more information see the candidate's website: www.christyweir.com.

VCHP urges a vote to RE-ELECT
to Ventura City Council
on November 8, 2016!



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