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Community NEWS

About Our Mission, Our Vision

Our Mission To preserve Ventura’s hillsides, open space, Ventura River watershed, and quality of life by actively participating in and influencing the public planning process through public education campaigns as well as supporting like-minded organizations, public officials, political candidates, and ballot measures. Our Vision For The Hills We are committed to saving 100 percent of the hillsides around Ventura for permanent open space with guaranteed public access. We feel that the best option for the community is to acquire and permanently protect the greenbelt, preserving the unspoiled wilderness, wildlife habitat, watershed, view shed, and fragile ecosystems. The only amenities we feel are appropriate are those needed to provide public access for low-intensity recreation. While we advocate for protection of the hills through political means, a land trust named the Ventura Hillsides Conservancy has also been formed to pursue purchase of the hillside area.