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Archive for January, 2013

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Monday, January 28th, 2013

Honoring Martha Zeiher

Buy Crestor Without Prescription, Whereas, in the summer of 2000 the City of Ventura was developing a Vision Plan to generate public support for annexation and “limited development” in the Ventura hillside area; and

Whereas, Martha Zeiher was instrumental in organizing the first group of volunteers to gather signatures that led to the Ventura City Council putting Measure P on the November 6, 2001 ballot, which required for the next 30 years a vote of the public to extend city services for hillside development; and

Whereas, Martha helped lead the successful campaign against Measure A on the November 6, 2001 ballot, which would have authorized 1390 homes in the Ventura hillsides; and

Whereas, Martha went on to co-found Ventura’s first and only land conservation organization, the Ventura Hillsides Conservancy, which owns and manages over 50 acres in the hills and along the Ventura River and continues to work with landowners toward the goal of open space preservation; and

Whereas, Martha’s skills as an inspired community activist with tireless energy and compassion,  persuasive leadership, impeccable organization, and a keen sense of humor has shaped the City of Ventura today and far into the future; and

Whereas, We the citizens of Ventura owe Martha Zeiher and her supportive family an eternal debt of gratitude and wish them much success as they embark upon a new and exciting chapter in their lives.

Now, buy Crestor without a prescription, About Crestor, Therefore Be It Resolved, that I Steve Bennett, buying Crestor online over the counter, Where can i find Crestor online, a member of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors take great pleasure in honoring Martha Zeiher and her family for their tireless Community Activism.

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Friday, January 25th, 2013

Where would we be without EDC?

Buy Mobic Without Prescription, For 35 years, EDC, a non-profit, public interest law firm, has provided expertise necessary to advance the cause of Ventura County’s advocacy groups to safeguard our region’s threatened environment and wildlife.

In 2012 EDC attorneys and biologists helped to:

o     Protect precious open space at Oxnard’s Ormond Beach;

o     Reduce Ventura River pollution and begin establishing a Ventura River Parkway;

o     Restore sea otter populations and protect whales migrating off our coast, taking Mobic. Mobic schedule,

EDC Supports Us – Please Support Them

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