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by admin - February 11th, 2011.
Filed under: Cañada Larga.

Sleeping giant threatens Ojai

Author: Jim Hines; Guest editorial Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription, Two sleeping giants from Ojai's past are now ready to reawaken at the entrance to the Ojai Valley. Buy no prescription Zanaflex online, Remember the major battle back in the 1980s to stop the pollution at the Petrochem refinery along the lower Ventura River. Well, order Zanaflex online c.o.d, Buy generic Zanaflex, you will love the encore presentation: Plans for hundreds of dwelling units right in the middle of the Ventura River floodplain.

Remember our valiant efforts to stop Waste Management Company from developing a massive landfill (dump) at Weldon Canyon along Highway 33 at Rancho Cañada Larga, Zanaflex used for. Herbal Zanaflex, Well, how about hundreds of dwelling units in the beautiful Cañada Larga Valley right beside Weldon Canyon, australia, uk, us, usa. And, yes, the Waste Management Company lease on Weldon Canyon is still active, Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription. Where can i buy Zanaflex online, Now the ghost of the past has come back to haunt the Ojai Valley. The owner of Rancho Cañada Larga wants to annex 800 acres in Cañada Larga Valley into the city of Ventura for development purposes and the owners of the former Petrochem site also want the city of Ventura to develop their land into housing units, Zanaflex no rx, Zanaflex images, in the middle of the Ventura River.

Nothing has changed in regards to these proposed projects' negative impacts on the Ojai Valley, online buying Zanaflex. Generic Zanaflex, Air still blows inland from the ocean to the valley. Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription, These two projects produce the smog; Ojai gets it.

Traffic increases on Highway 33 will impact the Ojai growth allocation numbers, buy cheap Zanaflex. Zanaflex price, These projects use it up and Ojai pays the price.

Great things for the owners of these two sites and a whole lot of bad things for the Ojai Valley:traffic congestion, Zanaflex trusted pharmacy reviews, Zanaflex overnight, air quality, flooding of Ojai wastewater treatment plant and urban growth inducement on Rancho Cañada Larga, Zanaflex without prescription, Zanaflex brand name, more urban sprawl, more lighting of the night sky, kjøpe Zanaflex på nett, köpa Zanaflex online. Zanaflex samples, And while we're at it, let's put some great view homes on Sulphur Mountain Road, Zanaflex natural.

Add to this the loss of a major Ojai Valley to the ocean wildlife migration corridor and loss of lands used by endangered species, Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription. Cheap Zanaflex no rx, The city of Ojai, the Chamber of Commerce and various other organizations are working to promote the beauty of Ojai, Zanaflex wiki. Buy cheap Zanaflex no rx, How's this for Ojai's new marketing strategy:"Once you get past the dump, urban sprawl and homes in the Ventura River, Zanaflex dose, Zanaflex pictures, welcome to beautiful Ojai." Or think about this: Ventura, where the air is clean and the beautiful generated smog blows into Ojai, buying Zanaflex online over the counter, Purchase Zanaflex online, turning the Topa Topa 'Pink Moment' into the brown haze from Ventura's urban sprawl." Ojai Valley residents, now is the time to act to protect the valley, online Zanaflex without a prescription. Zanaflex dangers, Please contact Ojai City Council members and urge them to pass a resolution strongly opposing any inclusion of the Cañada Larga Valley or the former Petrochem site in the Westside Community Planning Project.

Ojai needs to voice its strong opposition to the Ventura City Council, Zanaflex recreational. Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription, Please contact members of the Ventura City Council -and ask them not to include any annexation of Cañada Larga Valley into the city for development purposes. Zanaflex forum, Remember that Ventura's potential financial gains are at the expense of the quality of life in the Ojai Valley. Please act now before it is too late, taking Zanaflex. Zanaflex blogs, Yes, these two projects affect you, buy Zanaflex from canada. Order Zanaflex from United States pharmacy, Note: Representatives -from the city of Ventura will explain the project at Ojai's Planning Commission meeting today at 7:30 p.m. at Ojai City Hall, Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription.

Jim Hines lived in the Ojai Valley for more than 40 years. He was a founding board member of Citizens to Preserve the Ojai (CPO). As a CPO member he was active in stopping Weldon Canyon Landfill at Rancho Cañada Larga and the closing of the former Petrochem oil refinery along the lower Ventura River. He is currently on the board of directors of Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation,, and the board of directors of Sierra Club Ventura County Chapter

Copyright (c) 2011, Ojai Valley News, All Rights Reserved.

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