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Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Ojai council opposes development north of Ventura

Buy Valtrex Without Prescription, By Anne Kallas, Ventura County Star

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ojai City Council made it clear this week that it opposes any development plans for areas north of Ventura city limits, an idea currently being studied by the Ventura City Council. Discount Valtrex, Voting 4-1 Tuesday night to oppose the idea and send a letter to Ventura, the Ojai panel expressed concern about proposals to build upscale homes in the Cañada Larga Valley and areas along North Ventura Avenue, Valtrex no rx. Valtrex wiki, "It is very appropriate for us to take a very strong stand against any development," Councilman Paul Blatz said, Valtrex dangers. Valtrex results, Councilwoman Sue Horgan cast the lone no vote, saying she was worried such action would be seen as "just another knee-jerk Ojai reaction, my Valtrex experience. Get Valtrex, I think it's premature to do anything, but I agree we need to follow the situation very, Valtrex pictures, Valtrex interactions, very carefully."

While acknowledging the Ventura City Council had postponed discussion of annexation until after a $45,000 study of the fiscal impacts, buy Valtrex without prescription, Online buying Valtrex, the Ojai resolution made it clear any encroachment on unincorporated land will be opposed.

"While (Ventura) has removed these two extensions from its environmental review process, the concept of this change remains very real for the citizens of the Ojai Valley, Buy Valtrex Without Prescription. The city of Ojai has gone on the record as calling for a very complete environmental review of impacts on the city of Ojai, Valtrex online cod, Buy Valtrex without a prescription, " the letter reads.

"This resolution is our formal statement of opposition to any project that includes those two areas that extend beyond the current boundaries of the city of San Buenaventura."

Ojai Mayor Carol Smith proposed having the letter adopted as a resolution "to give it more weight."

Several people spoke out Tuesday against any proposed development of the area, buying Valtrex online over the counter, Effects of Valtrex, including Jim Hines of Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation. He said development would lead to rechanneling of the Ventura River and affect air and water quality in Ojai, Valtrex reviews. Valtrex without prescription, "I urge you to pass a resolution opposing annexation of land," Ojai resident Suza Francina said, Valtrex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Valtrex steet value, "For those of you who haven't (spent time in the affected area), you will have a real passion for the day if you spend a day there."

The Tuesday council meeting was the first for new Ojai City Manager Rob Clark, order Valtrex no prescription, Rx free Valtrex, who answered questions on a number of issues, including lighting for the new skate park and funding for the Ojai Visitors Bureau, order Valtrex online c.o.d, Where can i find Valtrex online, both of which were approved.

"I'm very appreciative of the City Council and its faith in me and I'm pleased to be here, kjøpe Valtrex på nett, köpa Valtrex online, Purchase Valtrex, " Clark said. No prescription Valtrex online. Valtrex price. Valtrex from mexico. Purchase Valtrex online no prescription. What is Valtrex. Valtrex cost. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Low dose Valtrex. Order Valtrex online overnight delivery no prescription. Cheap Valtrex.

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Friday, February 11th, 2011

Concerns Raised Over Avenue Development

By Logan Hall
Buy Acticin Without Prescription, The city of Ventura has slowed annexation plans for the Ventura Westside Community Plan, but is still moving forward with the effort. Purchase Acticin online, The plan is divided into three distinct areas.  The lower Ventura Avenue development includes an area around the Avenue that is already within the city limits of Ventura. The other two areas, Acticin coupon, Acticin blogs, Cañada Larga and North Ventura Avenue, including the Petrochem Plant area, Acticin without a prescription, Canada, mexico, india, would need to be annexed before the city could go forward with any development project.

Most of the opposition to the plan is directed toward the two components that would require annexation, Acticin over the counter. Generic Acticin, Because the lower Avenue portion of the plan involves areas with empty lots or abandoned buildings, many of which are in disrepair, Acticin brand name, Acticin no prescription, the opposition isn’t as concerned with that particular component and, in some cases, Acticin treatment, Buy Acticin from canada, is in favor of it.

“We have no problem with the lower Avenue aspect,” said Jim Hines, representative of the Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation, Buy Acticin Without Prescription. “They need to fill those empty lots.”

Hines says the real issue is with the North Avenue and Cañada Larga components, about Acticin. After Acticin, He also believes that the city of Ojai is dragging its feet in their involvement with the project. “Ojai is like the last body to jump on the bandwagon, comprar en línea Acticin, comprar Acticin baratos, Acticin duration, ” he said. “They should have been the first.  Where are you city of Ojai?”

The question then should be:  What can Ojai really do if taking a position of opposition, fast shipping Acticin. Buy Acticin Without Prescription, According to Ojai interim city manager John Baker, if an Environmental Impact Report states that there could be negative impacts on the Ojai Valley, the city could take legal action. Buy Acticin online no prescription, “The city of Ojai would be in a position to give input and then challenge the project,” said Baker, where can i buy cheapest Acticin online. Online buy Acticin without a prescription, “If you can provide appropriate questions, it will stop them and make them rethink things, taking Acticin. Acticin schedule, If they don’t, that’s when you can take legal action.”

Ventura’s plan seems to have an effect on many different people from all walks of life, buy no prescription Acticin online. Acticin description, Some believe housing developments are part of progress; others believe if the area is developed, it will have serious negative impacts to the area, buy generic Acticin.

Buz Bonsall, whose family owns 6,500 acres near the proposed site, with 800 of those in the Cañada Larga area that fall in the potential annexation zone, says he would need to see more information about any development plan before he could say whether the annexation would be a positive or negative thing for his property, Buy Acticin Without Prescription. Cheap Acticin no rx, “Everything is all conceptual at this point,” said Bonsall in a phone interview, where to buy Acticin. Acticin cost, “It will only happen if it’s feasible and makes sense.”

Bonsall says that out of the 800 acres, only 200 acres consisting of flat pastures, low dose Acticin, Purchase Acticin, out of range of the 100-year floodplain, would be available for future development, Acticin from canada. Purchase Acticin for sale, When asked if he would be selling property if the plan does move ahead he said that selling isn’t what he is interested in. “I don’t want to sell, where can i find Acticin online, Acticin australia, uk, us, usa, I want to be involved in the property,” he said adding, Acticin results, Acticin reviews, “The ranch is not for sale.”

Written by admin

February 10th, 2011 at 6:06 pm

Posted in news,ojai.

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Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Sleeping giant threatens Ojai

Author: Jim Hines; Guest editorial Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription, Two sleeping giants from Ojai's past are now ready to reawaken at the entrance to the Ojai Valley. Buy no prescription Zanaflex online, Remember the major battle back in the 1980s to stop the pollution at the Petrochem refinery along the lower Ventura River. Well, order Zanaflex online c.o.d, Buy generic Zanaflex, you will love the encore presentation: Plans for hundreds of dwelling units right in the middle of the Ventura River floodplain.

Remember our valiant efforts to stop Waste Management Company from developing a massive landfill (dump) at Weldon Canyon along Highway 33 at Rancho Cañada Larga, Zanaflex used for. Herbal Zanaflex, Well, how about hundreds of dwelling units in the beautiful Cañada Larga Valley right beside Weldon Canyon, australia, uk, us, usa. And, yes, the Waste Management Company lease on Weldon Canyon is still active, Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription. Where can i buy Zanaflex online, Now the ghost of the past has come back to haunt the Ojai Valley. The owner of Rancho Cañada Larga wants to annex 800 acres in Cañada Larga Valley into the city of Ventura for development purposes and the owners of the former Petrochem site also want the city of Ventura to develop their land into housing units, Zanaflex no rx, Zanaflex images, in the middle of the Ventura River.

Nothing has changed in regards to these proposed projects' negative impacts on the Ojai Valley, online buying Zanaflex. Generic Zanaflex, Air still blows inland from the ocean to the valley. Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription, These two projects produce the smog; Ojai gets it.

Traffic increases on Highway 33 will impact the Ojai growth allocation numbers, buy cheap Zanaflex. Zanaflex price, These projects use it up and Ojai pays the price.

Great things for the owners of these two sites and a whole lot of bad things for the Ojai Valley:traffic congestion, Zanaflex trusted pharmacy reviews, Zanaflex overnight, air quality, flooding of Ojai wastewater treatment plant and urban growth inducement on Rancho Cañada Larga, Zanaflex without prescription, Zanaflex brand name, more urban sprawl, more lighting of the night sky, kjøpe Zanaflex på nett, köpa Zanaflex online. Zanaflex samples, And while we're at it, let's put some great view homes on Sulphur Mountain Road, Zanaflex natural.

Add to this the loss of a major Ojai Valley to the ocean wildlife migration corridor and loss of lands used by endangered species, Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription. Cheap Zanaflex no rx, The city of Ojai, the Chamber of Commerce and various other organizations are working to promote the beauty of Ojai, Zanaflex wiki. Buy cheap Zanaflex no rx, How's this for Ojai's new marketing strategy:"Once you get past the dump, urban sprawl and homes in the Ventura River, Zanaflex dose, Zanaflex pictures, welcome to beautiful Ojai." Or think about this: Ventura, where the air is clean and the beautiful generated smog blows into Ojai, buying Zanaflex online over the counter, Purchase Zanaflex online, turning the Topa Topa 'Pink Moment' into the brown haze from Ventura's urban sprawl." Ojai Valley residents, now is the time to act to protect the valley, online Zanaflex without a prescription. Zanaflex dangers, Please contact Ojai City Council members and urge them to pass a resolution strongly opposing any inclusion of the Cañada Larga Valley or the former Petrochem site in the Westside Community Planning Project.

Ojai needs to voice its strong opposition to the Ventura City Council, Zanaflex recreational. Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription, Please contact members of the Ventura City Council -and ask them not to include any annexation of Cañada Larga Valley into the city for development purposes. Zanaflex forum, Remember that Ventura's potential financial gains are at the expense of the quality of life in the Ojai Valley. Please act now before it is too late, taking Zanaflex. Zanaflex blogs, Yes, these two projects affect you, buy Zanaflex from canada. Order Zanaflex from United States pharmacy, Note: Representatives -from the city of Ventura will explain the project at Ojai's Planning Commission meeting today at 7:30 p.m. at Ojai City Hall, Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription.

Jim Hines lived in the Ojai Valley for more than 40 years. He was a founding board member of Citizens to Preserve the Ojai (CPO). As a CPO member he was active in stopping Weldon Canyon Landfill at Rancho Cañada Larga and the closing of the former Petrochem oil refinery along the lower Ventura River. He is currently on the board of directors of Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation,, and the board of directors of Sierra Club Ventura County Chapter

Copyright (c) 2011, Ojai Valley News, All Rights Reserved.

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Buy Erexin-V Without Prescription

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Ventura Slows Annexing Plan

By Logan Hall Buy Erexin-V Without Prescription, What would happen to the Ojai Valley if 2,100 new homes were built between Casitas Springs and the 101 freeway. The city of Ventura sent a representative to give a presentation to the Ojai City Council and the Ojai Planning Commission on Wednesday, Erexin-V alternatives, Buy Erexin-V online no prescription, outlining the Ventura Westside Community Plan project that proposes such a development.

Dave Ward, where to buy Erexin-V, Get Erexin-V, planning manager for Ventura’s Community Development Department, showed the council and commission details regarding the project, fast shipping Erexin-V, Canada, mexico, india, and let Ojai’s representatives know about recent changes to the plan’s time line.

According to Ward, Erexin-V no prescription, Buy Erexin-V without prescription, there was an outpouring of comments from the public opposing the project last week at Ventura’s City Council meeting. Ward said that because of the public feedback, Erexin-V steet value, Online buying Erexin-V hcl, the Ventura council has decided to slow down their efforts to annex areas of Ventura Avenue from the county to the city. The annexation would be necessary for Ventura to move forward with development plans in the Cañada Larga and Petrochem plant areas, Buy Erexin-V Without Prescription.

When pressed further by the OVN in a phone interview yesterday, Erexin-V from mexico, Erexin-V dosage, Ward commented that the Ventura council’s decision was also based in no small part on Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to end redevelopment, Erexin-V maximum dosage, Is Erexin-V safe, as part of California state budget cuts. If Brown’s proposal passes, Erexin-V treatment, Discount Erexin-V, possibly later this year, Ventura may not be able to use state funds for the project, Erexin-V mg. No prescription Erexin-V online, “Our Westside development effort had an implementation strategy that included redevelopment,” said Ward, Erexin-V online cod. Buy Erexin-V Without Prescription, “Since redevelopment statewide is under question, the council is questioning whether the redevelopment project proposed will still be valid. Real brand Erexin-V online, It’s sort of a waiting game at this point.”

Jim Hines, representing the Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation, buy Erexin-V online cod, Erexin-V pharmacy, told the OVN he believes Ventura’s reasons for pushing back the effort is a veritable smokescreen. “Dave really put on a dog-and-pony show last night, Erexin-V coupon, Is Erexin-V addictive, ” said Hines, who was an Ojai resident for 40 years before moving to Ventura, rx free Erexin-V. Doses Erexin-V work, “He will keep pushing and pushing though. They want you to think they are running into problems and this project will be pushed back, Erexin-V schedule. But they’ve spent a lot of money on this thing and it’s not just going to go away.”

Several local citizens spoke to the Planning Commission and the Ojai City Council in opposition of the project, including Larry Rose and Peter Cantle, Buy Erexin-V Without Prescription. Erexin-V for sale, The council and commission also asked Ward questions regarding the possible impact the project would have on the valley.

Councilwoman Carlon Strobel and Commissioner Cortus Koehler asked about the possible effect the project could have on air quality in the valley, Erexin-V interactions. Erexin-V gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, “When do you stop sending air pollution our way?” asked Koehler.

Ward responded to most of the questions by saying all would be addressed in Environmental Impact Reports that have yet to be conducted, Erexin-V from canadian pharmacy. Buy Erexin-V Without Prescription, According to Ward, the Ventura City Council will be conducting a market and fiscal analysis of land usages before their next meeting on the project taking place on April 18, where they will determine whether or not to proceed with the costly and time-consuming EIR process. Buy Erexin-V no prescription, So far, neither the Ojai City Council nor Planning Commission has taken any formal action on the matter, Erexin-V over the counter. Erexin-V without a prescription, Katrina Rice Schmidt, Ojai city planner, buy Erexin-V from mexico, sent a letter to Ward on behalf of the commission expressing certain concerns without actually taking a stance. The items are expected to be added to future Ojai council meeting agendas.

The Ojai Valley News is committed to continue reporting on the Ventura Westside Community Planning Project. Look for a full report on the latest developments in next week’s issues.

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February 3rd, 2011 at 4:54 pm

Posted in news,ojai


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