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by admin - May 25th, 2010.
Filed under: Cañada Larga.

Possible annexation of Westside land stirs controversy

Buy Xenical Without Prescription, by Rebecca Wicks                     May 19 - June 1, 2010, Ventura Breeze

Plans to possibly annex property adjacent to the city’s Westside boundary near the northern end of Ventura Avenue have seen a number of opponents rise up in recent weeks.

Last month, Xenical online cod, Order Xenical online overnight delivery no prescription, the City Council reached an impasse on a decision to include 800 acres of Rancho Canada Larga in the city’s Westside community boundary area. If the city takes in the privately-owned property it could open the door to the development of the area including executive ranch houses, Xenical without a prescription, Buy cheap Xenical no rx, retail and more.

The land in question is owned by the Bonsall family, Xenical mg. Buy no prescription Xenical online, Shull “Buzz” Bonsall Jr. spoke at the council meeting describing the area as ideal for “rural, equestrian type estates.”

The council was split 3-3 with Neal Andrews, Christy Weir and Mike Tracy voting in favor while Mayor Bill Fulton, Brian Brennan and Carl Morehouse dissented.  Council member Jim Monahan abstained from the vote because he owns property along Ventura Avenue and believed voting may be a conflict of interest.  Monahan did express support for the annexation, Buy Xenical Without Prescription.

Opponents of the idea are fearful the boundary plan could come back to the council with Monahan voting to break the stalemate, where can i buy cheapest Xenical online. Online buy Xenical without a prescription, This possibility has moved a number of organizations to voice their opinions. Those who disapprove the annexation contest development goes against the city’s approved General Plan, my Xenical experience, Effects of Xenical, would destroy wildlife habitat, add traffic congestion and put further burden on fire and police services, Xenical canada, mexico, india. Buy Xenical without prescription, The Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation (VCHP) along with the local Sierra Club released a statement directly following the council meeting declaring the move would facilitate further sprawl that could impact air quality as well as deprive wildlife of existing habitat. Buy Xenical Without Prescription, “Carving up this picturesque open space for more housing contradicts the growing consensus that we should develop in a sustainable way and in proximity to existing services,” said Diane Underhill, president of VCHP. “Paving over habitats and wildlife corridors causes irrevocable harm.”

The land which is tucked between the Ventura Hillsides and Sulphur Mountain is home to a number of special- status plants, buy Xenical online cod, Order Xenical from United States pharmacy, animals and birds. The area draws a significant number of bird watchers who come to see owls, Xenical trusted pharmacy reviews, Xenical dangers, golden eagles, white-tailed kites, Xenical without prescription, Kjøpe Xenical på nett, köpa Xenical online, hawks and yellow-bellied sapsuckers among others.

Weir, canada, mexico, india, Where can i cheapest Xenical online, who has often voiced her opinion that Ventura needs larger lot sizes, believes larger homes on larger pieces of property may help draw new businesses to Ventura, buy Xenical no prescription. Xenical australia, uk, us, usa, She stressed the proposal for executive homes called for approximately 100 homes on 4,000 acres, order Xenical online c.o.d.

“We are not talking about a large scale housing tract,” said Weir, Buy Xenical Without Prescription. Doses Xenical work, Still many, including the local Surfrider Foundation would prefer to see growth within city limits occur first, Xenical alternatives. Order Xenical from mexican pharmacy, “We just don’t think now is the time to sprawl,” said Paul Jenkin, is Xenical addictive, Discount Xenical, environmental director for Ventura County Chapter Surfrider Foundation.

Jenkin added the group supports the council’s approved General Plan which outlines infill development over urban sprawl, where to buy Xenical. About Xenical, “The other issue is water supply and quality which are both affected with new growth like this,” said Jenkin, ordering Xenical online. Buy Xenical Without Prescription, Building beyond city boundaries means extending city services which logistically may be difficult for Ventura which is currently considering the closure of a fire station on its east end due to budget constraints. Xenical duration, Transferring the land from the county to the city means the city would be responsible for water, firefighting, buy Xenical from mexico, Xenical recreational, police protection and other services.

Kevin Rennie, buy Xenical online no prescription, the city’s fire chief confirmed a new fire station would need to be built to serve homes and businesses in the proposed area.

“I see no economic advantage for all of us who live in Ventura,” said Ed Wehan, commissioner for Ventura Parks and Recreation. “To annex this area only benefits the owner of this property.”

Part of the land is currently designated as open space by the county. This means voters would need to approve a land-use change. However, if the property was annexed to the city of Ventura the designation would be lifted.

Because the land is used for agriculture, Bonsall believes if annexed, development would not need voter approval.

Annexation of the land would need county Local Agency Formation Commission approval.

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