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by admin - October 7th, 2010.
Filed under: Cañada Larga.

City Council to Vote on Potential City Expansion into Canada Larga

on Buy Generic Keflex Without Prescription, Monday, Oct. Generic Keflex over the counter, 11, 2010

The Ventura City Council needs to hear from you on Monday, is Generic Keflex safe, Generic Keflex used for, Oct. 11, online Generic Keflex without a prescription, Buy cheap Generic Keflex, when they will vote on whether to study the Canada Larga Valley with the intention of annexing the far-flung area for construction of executive homes. The 800-acre rural valley is located four miles north of the City and is recognized as important wildlife habitat, Generic Keflex dosage. Generic Keflex duration, During challenging economic times, it is problematic that the City plans to spend taxpayer money for a study to explore growing the size of the City and expanding the area where fire and police service would need to be provided, Generic Keflex from canada.

Speak out against sprawl and fiscally-irresponsible city growth.

Monday, October 11
Ventura City Hall, 501 Poli Street
Meeting starts at 6 PM (Canada Larga issue is #4 on the agenda)

Your presence at City Hall is critical, but if you can’t attend please e-mail the Council at, Buy Generic Keflex Without Prescription. Where can i buy Generic Keflex online,

Organizations opposed to annexation of Canada Larga Valley:

The Sierra Club

Environmental Defense Center
Surfrider Foundation
Wishtoyo Foundation


Ventura Audubon Society
Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation

Key Concerns:

Public Services: If Canada Larga were transferred from the County to the City of Ventura, the City would assume responsibility for funding firefighting, purchase Generic Keflex, Order Generic Keflex from United States pharmacy, police protection, infrastructure upkeep, Generic Keflex recreational, Generic Generic Keflex, and other service costs, including costs associated with any active Land Conservation Contracts, Generic Keflex pictures. Discount Generic Keflex, There is currently a 9-minute response time for the fire department to reach Canada Larga. While developers could be asked to pay for construction of a fire station, Generic Keflex class, Generic Keflex canada, mexico, india, more than one million dollars in annual costs for staffing and operations would be the ongoing responsibility of City of Ventura taxpayers. Adding a new fire station to serve future residents is financially questionable given that the City recently closed a fire station serving the community’s existing residents due to budgetary constraints, where to buy Generic Keflex.

Natural Hazards: Buy Generic Keflex Without Prescription, The potential for wildfires, flooding, and mudslides exists in the valley. Generic Keflex overnight, Heavy rains in 2005 created a mudslide when Canada Larga Creek overflowed, undermining the only bridge on the only access road into the valley, Generic Keflex pharmacy, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, damaging telephone poles, and sweeping away vehicles, Generic Keflex alternatives. Generic Keflex results, Urban Sprawl: The City’s General Plan emphasizes infill development prior to city expansion. During the General Plan process, Generic Keflex cost, Purchase Generic Keflex for sale, the Council considered and rejected including Canada Larga Valley as an expansion area. If the Council studies Canada Larga for development, Generic Keflex for sale, Where can i cheapest Generic Keflex online, it will be an erratic shift in policy.  Concentrating on infill growth within Ventura is more fiscally sound and environmentally responsible.

Air Pollution: Canada Larga’s remoteness from services, schools, and shopping would increase traffic trips and air pollutants along Highway 33 and Ventura Avenue, Buy Generic Keflex Without Prescription. The City’s 2005 General Plan EIR indicated that development in the North Avenue area would generate emissions that could be transported into the Ojai air basin, Generic Keflex long term, Generic Keflex price, significantly reducing air quality in the already impaired Ojai Valley.

Water Quality: Development in the valley would also threaten water quality in the Canada Larga Creek and the Ventura River.  Development would require additional sources of water, online buying Generic Keflex hcl, Get Generic Keflex, potentially impairing or depleting groundwater.

Wildlife: According to the Ventura Audubon Society, australia, uk, us, usa, Online buy Generic Keflex without a prescription, the Canada Larga Valley is an especially valuable wildlife habitat. It contains many special-status plants, Generic Keflex price, coupon, Buy generic Generic Keflex, animals, and birds. A total of 141 species of birds have been counted there, including the endangered Least Bell’s Vireo and all ten California Species of Special Concern.  Canada Larga is also an important wildlife corridor.

Thank you for caring about Ventura’s Open Space.

Diane Underhill, President
Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation

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