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"VCHP Endorsements for the 2007 Ventura City Council Election"

The Ventura City Election on November 6, 2007 resulted in all three incumbents being re-elected. Two of the VCHP-endorsed candidates, Mayor Carl Morehouse and Bill Fulton, were elected to new four-year terms, as was Deputy Mayor Christy Weir. Jerry Martin, who was also endorsed by VCHP, came in fifth place.
Following is our endorsements statement prior to the election.

Bill Fulton
Bill Fulton was elected "Mayor of Ventura" after the November 2009 election.

BILL FULTON: VCHP is endorsing Ventura City Councilman Bill Fulton in recognition of his commitment to hillside preservation. Bill has advocated for protection of Ventura’s hillsides during his first four-year term on the Council, including reclassifying the majority of the hillside area from a residential to open space designation in the City’s new General Plan. He was also a vocal opponent of the 2002 proposal to build 1,390 houses in the Ventura hills.

"I feel privileged that VCHP has endorsed me again,” Bill said. “We have worked hard to preserve the hillsides over the past four years. I hope that in the next four years, we can acquire them so they are saved forever."

The Ventura City Council election is scheduled for November 6. You can read more about Bill’s credentials and viewpoints on city matters at his blog.

JERRY MARTIN: Life-long Ventura resident Jerry Martin has expressed his support for hillside and open space preservation. He believes in advocating for the purchase of the hillside properties through a nonprofit land trust and that development unrelated to conservation and recreational uses should be rejected.

“We must maintain our hillsides for the future of Ventura,” he says. “We need to protect the hillsides from decisions made by future City Councils who may not share our vision.”

Jerry is a local business owner and community volunteer who has also gained the endorsement of the Ventura Police Officers and the Ventura City Firefighters Associations.

CARL MOREHOUSE: As a council member, Carl advocated for the reclassification of the majority of the hillside area from a residential to an open space designation in the 2005 General Plan.

"The people have been pretty clear in their voting patterns that development into prime farmland and hillsides is not acceptable," Carl says. "I continue to have grave concerns about developing any land in that portion of the hills that is prone to geologic instability, adjacent to a high fire hazard, and difficult to access by roadways and for the provision of water and sewer."

Carl has also expressed support for the City to actively work with land preservation groups to seek grants for the purchase of hillside land and to negotiate directly with landowners.


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