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VCHP announces endorsements for November 2013 City Council Election

Please vote for our three endorsed candidates, Richard Francis, Lorrie Brown & Erik Nasarenko 
for Ventura City Council.

All three support VCHP's mission to preserve Ventura’s hillsides, the Ventura River watershed, enhance the Ventura River Parkway and protect our quality of life.  They also support S.O.A.R. (Save our Open Space and Agricultural Resources) now and will support its renewal.  Richard, Lorrie, and Erik are dedicated to protecting our environmental resources and will seek community involvement in determining what our city will become in the future.


Richard Francis

Richard Francis has a 30 year history of service to the City of Ventura. He served as Mayor in the late 1980s and helped usher in new thinking about our responsibility for environmental stewardship. He helped author the first S.O.A.R. ballot measure to preserve agriculture as a viable economic engine in our community and raise awareness of the threat of urban sprawl. "Preserving open space, enhancing a sustainable and vibrant community, and protecting Ventura’s water supply" are 3 important goals of Richard's campaign.

VCHP endorses Richard because he will fight against the poor decision-making that endangers our open spaces and agricultural lands.

A VOTE for Richard is a vote for a balanced community that values people, local businesses and the environment.  www.francis4ventura.com

Lorrie Brown

Lorrie Brown is a native Venturan and has our city’s best interest at heart.  
Lorrie has first-handknowledge of the inner workings of a city through her practical career experience.   She values the character and flavor of her hometown and strives to balance the needs of people for both connection to the environment and for affordable housing.

She knows that healthy lifestyles include access to outdoor recreational opportunities as well as healthy food choices and adequate housing. "The preservation of natural resources are just as important as allowing residents to experience them."

VCHP endorses Lorrie because our Board believes that as Ventura moves into the future, the balance between our responsibility to the environment and to the residents of our community will be of the highest priority.  www.brownforventura.com

Erik Nasarenko

Erik Nasarenko is relatively new to Ventura, but hehas a long track record of involvement in policy and critical political issues. He moved to Ventura three years ago because he appreciates the quality of life in our community: our vibrant downtown, robust agricultural community, and our natural environment with its multitude of outdoor opportunities.

Erik understands that these qualities attract young families to the community to raise their children. "Hillside preservation is very important to me because it distinguishes Ventura from so many other beach communities that have developed their hillsides at the expense of their community character. It is also part of the reason that our city is so livable."  He appreciates that protection of our environment and quality of life are key to attracting highly skilled jobs to Ventura.

VCHP endorses Erik for his commitment to preservation of Ventura’s hillsides, his support for the Ventura River Parkway and his understanding that without these iconic features, Ventura will lose its unique charm.   www.eriknasarenko.com

Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation
Ventura, CA 93003

(805) 665-3820

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