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2010 Cañada Larga Campaign

Presentation to Ventura City Council Regarding Cañada Larga Annexation

Thank you to All VCHP Supporters

Ventura City Council to Discuss Cañada larga Annexation

Ventura City Council Poised to Spend Taxpayer Money to Support Sprawl

January 12 and 24, 2011 - Please Attend Public Meetings

Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation Hire Environmental Defense Center for Cañada Larga Campaign

Back to the bad old days? -
by Mayor Bill Fulton

October 12, 2010 - Ventura Council Votes to Possibly Annex 800 Acres -
by Kevin Clerici, Ventura County Star

October 11, 2010 - City Council to Vote on Potential City Expansion into Canada Larga

April 19, 2010 - Sierra Club Joins the VCHP to Oppose Annexation

Notes From the President of VCHP

2010 Notes

VCHP Election Endorsements

2016 Ventura County Supervisor Endorsement

2013 Ventura City Council Election Endorsement

2012 Ventura County Supervisor Endorsement

2011 Ventura City Council Election and Ventura County Supervisor Endorsements

2009 Ventura City Council Election - VCHP Endorsements

2008 Election - VCHP Endorsements

2007 Ventura City Council Election - VCHP Endorsements

Soar Updates

Save Open-Space & Agricultural Resources

FALL 2007 Threat To The Ventura Hillsides

November 2007 - Escrow for Ventura hillside land sale extended» Ventura County Star

November 2007 - Hillside deal delayed - Local investors wary of project's complexity» VCReporter

October 2007 - Disputed Ventura hillside land purchased, development planned » Ventura County Star

September 02, 2007 Ventura Hills: Going, going, gone?" - PDF Property sale could spark changes...

June 12, 2005

VCHP Letter to Ventura's City Manager - RE: The General Plan

April 18, 2005

Update From the President of VCHP

NOVEMBER 2002 - Measure A

Measure A - Flash Presentation - Ventura County Star, by Melinda Baker

Measure A: Open 80

Arguments Against Measure A -Martha Zeiher

Argument for Meausure A - Doug Halter

Why I'm Against Measure A - By Bill Fulton

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