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What does VCHP do & Other FAQs
Through political action, VCHP advocates for protection of Ventura's remaining open space from development, including the hillsides and the Ventura River watershed.

How does Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation (VCHP) differ from the Ventura Hillsides Conservancy (aka VHC or 'the Conservancy')?

VCHP and the conservancy are two seperate nonprofit corporations with their own boards. There is no overlap in board membership. VCHP is a 501(c)(4) political, non-tax deductable non-profit run entirely by volunteers. VCHP has no sign-up fees or dues.

The Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) tax deductable non-profit land trust. The conservancy has membership dues and paid professional staff to accomplish its mission to acquire, manage and protect open space lands for public access.

What local events does the Conservancy support?

The conservancy organizes the annual popular concert series, the Ventura Hillsides Music Festival, held each fall at Arroyo Verde Park. It also sponsors an annual environmental film festival with community films compiled by the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. The Conservancy makes a selection from a library of wonderful films to highlight critical environmental decisions facing us, to show a variety of environmental success stories and focus on issues of local interest. These events raise awareness in the community and provide a fundraising mechanism to allow the Conservancy to pursue other funding for open space acquisition.

In what other local projects does VCHP participate?

VCHP is active in many local causes that influence or affect its mission of preservation of Ventura's hillsides, open space and watershed areas. VCHP participates in Ventura General Plan Updates, campaigns for conservation and is assisting to promote the Ventura River Parkway Plan.

What political action does VCHP take?

VCHP endorses and participates in election campaigning for candidates who support its mission, as well as for propositions & initiatives that advance its cause.

What does the City of Ventura's Vision Statement contain about the hillside area?

In 1999, the City of Ventura completed a collaborative Vision process in which citizens expressed their desire to preserve the hillsides, scenic views, and ridgelines.

What is the zoning of the hillside land?

Except for a small portion of the land within city limits, most of the hillside property is in the county and has a land use designation of "open space" or "agricultural."

What protections are in place for the Ventura Hillsides?

Measure P is a city ordinance that passed by a 77 percent vote in November, 2001.

Measure P requires any residential development proposal for the 9,000 acre Hillside Voter Participation Area be approved by city voters before the extension of city services can occur.

Measure P will ensure that the citizens of Ventura will have the right to vote on any development proposal for the Hillside area.

If the landowners decided to sell the land to a nonprofit organization in order to preserve 100 percent of the open space, how could funds be raised?

Traditional campaigns to purchase open space have included funding in the form of private and government grants, tax breaks for the landowner, state and federal funding, corporate donations, major donations by private individuals, and grassroots fundraising events.



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